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Looking to Boost Home Comfort? Beneficial Insulation Can Help

Beneficial Insulation is a full-service ENERGY STAR insulation contractor serving homes in  Rock, Dane, Green, Jefferson, and Walworth counties in Southern Wisconsin and the Rockford-Belvidere area in Northern Illinois. With two Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified full-time energy auditors, our goal is to help customers achieve more energy efficient and comfortable homes. This not only saves them money through lower heating and cooling costs, but it also adds resale value to their home investment.

We offer free initial inspections and estimates. We also offer home performance evaluations using diagnostic tools such as an infrared camera and blower door test to detect hidden air leaks and inspect insulation levels throughout the house. This is how we are able to customize a plan to solve your comfort issues, ice dams, cold spots and increase the energy efficiency for your home.

We also check ventilation in attics, exhaust fans and carbon producing mechanicals. We provide a comprehensive report detailing air leaks, low insulation levels, ventilation, and the recommended improvements a homeowner can take to make their home more comfortable and energy efficient. Through insulation, air sealing, and home performance testing, our team of certified professionals can put together a plan to improve any home, no matter how much wear and tear it’s seen over the years.

Our “Whole Home” Approach

We take a “whole home” approach to every single job, viewing the home as a complete unit made up of a variety of different complicated systems that work in tandem. If heating and cooling your home efficiently has been a challenge, it may be due to a lack of proper air sealing and insulation. Many homes in the area have a substantial amount of heat that is simply escaping through poorly insulated attics that lack adequate insulation and have open gaps in the attic floor that need to be air sealed.

Discover your home’s hidden potential and learn how to improve comfort, lower your energy costs and boost efficiency. The Home Performance Program offers several paths to savings, with incentives and expert guidance for energy improvements both large and small. To achieve the greatest benefits, it’s best to look at your home as a system with many parts working together. The right mix of improvements can help you use energy smarter and make a huge difference in how your home performs.

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With over 40 years of experience, our owner Cliff Wakefield and his team have the knowledge it takes to handle any job with confidence. We’ve seen just about every scenario of home wear and tear imaginable and know just how much of a difference air sealing and insulation can make in homes throughout Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois.

Ready for your home energy assessment or a free insulation estimate? Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment!