Why Insulate?

An example of poor insulation in attic & knee wall


        Exhaust fan improperly venting into attic which can lead to condensation & roof damage         

Properly insulating your home is one of the most basic and important steps you can take to achieve year-round comfort while lowering your energy costs. Most older homes, and newer homes too, can benefit from additional insulation in the attic, exterior walls, overhangs, sill boxes, or the foundation. For even greater results, consider insulating and air sealing at the same time. It’s a strategy that works to prevent wasted energy and money from slipping through the cracks, and it quickly pays for itself in reduced utility bills


Insulation slows down the movement of heat to keep it where you want it. That means out in the summertime, and in during the chilly winter months.

 Benefits include:

• Greater comfort

• Lower utility bills

• Less pollen and dust

• Fewer drafts

• Less noise

• Prevention of ice dams

• Humidity control