Rebates & Financial Incentives

Save Money While Making Valuable Home Upgrades!

When we speak with customers about the factors that make it difficult to move forward with upgrading their insulation, budget often comes up as a concern. Many homeowners know that their homes are wasting energy with cold, drafty rooms in the winter, and hot, humid rooms in the summer, resulting in high heating and cooling costs. We can help tame those high energy bills.

The Whole Home Improvements path from Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® takes a comprehensive, whole home approach to boost comfort and keep your energy bills in check by looking at your home as a system.

Home Comfort and Energy Savings

We provide free insulation estimates and inspections for your home. You may also qualify for Focus On Energy homeowner rewards based on the amount of work you decide to complete. A home energy assessment provides a clear road map of customized home recommendations, cash incentives to offset improvement costs and expert guidance every step of the way.

For those who are interested in moving forward with a home performance audit, there’s no better place to start than with a Focus on Energy Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program. This program offers whole-home assessments to identify areas where improvements can be made with the goal of cutting energy costs. The program also provides homeowner rewards for performing energy-saving retrofits.

Beneficial Insulation is proud to be certified as a Focus on Energy Trade Ally. Based on the  amount of work you’re interested in, we can offer an “instant discount” starting at $850, up to $2,250. That means we take the discount right off the bill and do all the paperwork! This is a great way to offset the cost of upgrading your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. To qualify you must heat your home with at least 50% natural gas or electricity from a participating utility company.

Your benefits:

  • Greater home comfort

  • Lower energy bills

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Financial incentives

  • Technical support

  • Third party quality assurance

Homeowners who implement recommendations from their energy assessments typically see utility bill savings of 20% or more. Consider it your reward for getting the most comfort out of your home and taking a comprehensive approach to saving energy.

Don’t let concerns over costs stop you from making your home perform up to par—contact us today to schedule an appointment!