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Icicles may be pretty, but when they form as ice dams it can mean structural damage and other costly problems for your home. One or two inches of snow accumulation, coupled with sub-freezing and above freezing temperatures, is all it takes for these harmful ridges of ice to build up on roof eaves. 


Snow accumulates on the roof

Heat escaping through the attic melts the snow

The cold air refreezes the melted snow into solid ice


As ice dams take shape, heat from inside the house travels though the attic, warms the roof and melts the snow outside. The melting snow runs down the roof until it reaches the cold roof edge where it refreezes. Ice dams can then force water to back up under the shingles and into the ceiling or walls of the house. If left untreated, this can lead to warped windows, buckling floors, and collapsing drywall or plaster.


The best way to prevent ice dams is to stop them from forming in the first place, and to do that you need to identify where your home is leaking air and letting heat escape. Don’t worry, Beneficial Insulation, LLC  has your back. Simply contact us, or call 608.295.0470. We are ready to perform a home energy assessment and fix the problem areas.

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  • Laurel Brooks

    Beneficial Insulation has completed evaluation and insulation of three residential homes for us. Two of these homes are in Wisconsin and one is in northern Illinois where my mother lives.

  • Dr. Jason Stuckey

    We have a cape cod that was had a lot of air leakage and extremely uncomfortable in the upstairs bedrooms due to poor insulation in the attic. With air sealing and insulating the side walls our home is much more comfortable. The crew was very professional.

  • Priscilla P.

    Thank you very much for all your hard work. After hearing and thinking bad things about insulating contractors, it was a pleasure to do business with Beneficial Insulation Solutions. I have known for a long time that I needed more insulation in my attic.

  • Jennifer & Trent

    A little over a year ago, you installed quite a bit of additional insulation in our home. This note is just to say thank you for your excellent work and solid recommendations.

  • Denise S.

    In November we hired Beneficial Insulation Solutions, LLC to fully insulate our home. Owner Cliff Wakefield thoroughly explained the various options and procedures to us.

  • Tammy & Mark B.

    Thank you Cliff for saving our gutters and a possible head trauma.