Air Sealing


Why Air Sealing?

Air sealing works to prevent air leakage, a common problem that puts extra stress on your heating and cooling system, and makes it harder and more expensive to maintain comfort in your home. The typical trouble spots include attics (chimney chaseways, drop soffits stairway chaseways, plumbing vent pipes, electrical penetrations, top plates, and other attic penetrations), exterior walls, basements and crawlspaces – areas where it’s easy for warm air to escape or infiltrate into your home. This causes comfort issues and high energy bills. A smart combination of insulation and air sealing is the ideal prescription to combat the issue, boost comfort and improve home performance.

Common Household Air Leaks Locations:

  • Chimney chaseways in the attic

  • Band joists under knee walls

  • Attic hatches

  • Wiring holes

  • Plumbing vents

  • Recessed lights

  • Furnace flue or duct chaseways

  • Basement rim joists

  • Windows and doors

  • Whole house fans

Don’t let energy and money slip through the cracks. Air leakage can account for 30% or more of a home’s heating and cooling costs. It can also cause other problems such as moisture, noise, dust, and an all-access pass for pollutants contributing to poor indoor air quality.

The Benefits of Air Sealing

Air sealing helps your home by providing:

  • Increased comfort and consistent temperatures

  • Savings on heating and cooling costs

  • Healthier indoor environment and better air quality

  • A reduce carbon footprint due to a more energy efficient home

Air sealing is the targeted and strategic process of sealing up these spots of unwanted airflow. When combined with insulation, air sealing can dramatically improve home comfort, promote better indoor air quality and result in lower energy bills.

Beneficial Insulation — Your Air Sealing Specialists

At Beneficial Insulation we’ve seen firsthand just how much of an impact air sealing and insulation can have on homes in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Utilizing state-of-the-art diagnostic tools such as the blower door test and infrared camera technology, our team of air sealing experts can pinpoint exact areas within the home that need to be addressed. We’ll develop a plan of attack and walk you through the process one step at a time, making sure to answer any questions you may have along the way.

Get ready to see what air sealing can do for your home. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.